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Trackless Train L037

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Mini hot electric trackless train/amusement entertainment sport park/kids electric trackless trains rides

Trackless Train includes three different kinds, like diesel trackless train, battery trackless train.

Diesel trackless train is driven by diesel motor, battery trackless train is driven by battery group.

It is ideal for indoor or outdoor malls, parks, zoos and special events.

Diesel trackless train can load 20 to 60 passengers, you can choose one wagon, or two wagons, or three wagons, one wagon can load 20 passengers. It will run at any time.

The battery trackless train is comprised of a locomotive and 4 passenger wagons and can carry 18-24 children and adults. According to the terrain, the train will run around 80 KMS per charge.

Based on a 50% usage rate, the running time comes to about 20 hours indoor and 15 hours outdoor.

The color and pattern of the train can be customized, and the train is easy to be installed and run smoothly.


Retro Train Ride


Amusement park rides/kiddie rides




  20 adults or 24 Kids




  4*40A  4*20A


  One head, three cabinets

  Max Speed

 10 km/H


  8 hours


  120 km(can work 24 hours)

 Max Load



       this machine is the newest one of our company and it is very popular in the market.Investing in this project makes a large profits for the investors.we would like to cooperate with who want to earn money and find our agents. the advantage of investing in this project:

· 1. can fast make much money.

· 2.high quality+ easy playing method+attractive+easily earn money.

· 3.one time investment, long time benefit. it is available in entertainment hall,game hall and other amusement places.it is popular with the old and the young, small risk and little cost.

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