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12 seats dynamic cinema

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The Most Cost Effective Motion System Hydraulic/Electric 5D 7D 9D 12D Cinema For Africa Market


hydraulic/electric platform

Special effects

12 type of movie special effects

Passenger Capacity

6,8,9,12 seats in one platform


12 months


over 100 movies for free



What is the advantages to choose a hydraulic 9D cinema

1. It is the most cost effective system, the price is much lower than electric system, and if not a very professional person can not distinguish the difference between electric and hydraulic system.

2. It is update from pneumatic system, the motion and quality is much better.

3. It has very strong power, people who want exciting experience, the hydraulic is your best choice.

4. It is easy to do maintenance, just need to change the hydraulic oil once a year.

Details of 5D / 7D / XD cinema :

1. Seat system :  since it is developed with 6DOF design, it can provide a dynamic effect with 12 directions, 36 combination and 72 motions.

2. Interactive Shooting system :  the infrared ray transmission is between screen and guns, gun shooting are more accurate, actual and exciting.

3. Dynamic Ranking System :  it can show weekly ranking, monthly ranking, also yearly ranking,every picture has its independent IP address, supporting print.

4. Special effect system :  it include many effect equipment, such as lightning machine, raining machine, snow machine, bubble machine, fog machine and wind machine.

5. Central control system :  the main part of this system is control software, it can make all the equipment as a whole 5D cinema by effectively control movie’s display, dynamic seats, effect equipment, sound equipment.

6. Sound system :  the sound equipment we provide is 5.1 sound track , the most highest level sound equipment used for cinemas.

7. Other accessories :  3D glasses and so on.


Where to put the Best price 5D 7D 8D 12D multi-player Interactive Cinema vr machine dynamic chair 6DOF VR movie theater projector vr home cinema? (The most suitable place to make money)

1) Large-scale amusement park

2) Tourist attractions, theme parks

3) Science and Technology Museum, Educational Institution, Tourist attractions

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