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Drift Bumper Car

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China factory outdoor square amusement ride kidscargame battery bumper car


Product Name :  Emperor bubble Bumper Car

Battery :  Double 40A battery /2.

Size :  L1650*W1200*H1000mm

Maximum load  : 170KG.

Weight :  100kg

Power :  250W

Players  : 1 or 2 player is available

Material :   FRP / Hardware

Use time : 6-7 hours.

Speed  :  Adjustable from 30 to 90.

Product description

Name Drift Bumper Car
Type battery bumper cars
Run speed 11/14/18 km/h speed regulation
Max load 80 kg
Matching motor 40 V   500 W
Matching battery 48 P  12 A / 4 P
Matching charger 2.0 A/1 P
Battery usage time

120/140 mins


(1) Seamless integration of fiberglass body design, automotive design permanent sticker, cold form design, more visual impact;

(2) Soft-back design, more comfortable ride;

(3) Before and after the lighting system, the visual is more beautiful;

(4) Fixed battery design, walking more stable, and can assemble a large battery;

(5) Smart charger. LED indicates the charging progress, microcomputer control and efficient charging. Battery does not heat, no bubble, prolong battery life;

(6) Ultra wear-resistant polyester rubber wheel, with mechanical overload protection system, a maximum of life insurance do not change the wheels, significantly reducing the use cost;

(7) Unique dual drive system to enhance the grip, which can adapt to a variety of ground, such as floor tiles, cement floor, etc.;

(8) 1-30 minutes of play time can be adjusted by you, can be customized according to your needs child play time.

Ceiling net bumper car : The oldest and most common method uses a conductive floor and ceiling, each with a separate power polarity. Contacts under the vehicle touch the floor while a pole mounted contact touches the ceiling, forming a complete circuit.

Ground net bumper car : A newer method uses alternating strips of metal across the floor separated by insulating spacers, and no ceiling grid. The alternating strips carry the supply current, and the bumper cars are large enough so that the vehicle body can always cover at least two strips at any one time. An array of brushes under the car make random contact with whatever strip is below, and the voltage polarity on each contact is sorted out to always provide a correct.

Packing & shipment:

1.Stretch film + Wrapping paper + Bubble pack + Wooden frame ,or as per buyer's need.Safe for transportation.

2.Professional foreign sales department, good master of sea shipment and air shipment.

3.Good relationship with shipping companies, get faster service and better freight.

Ifun Our Service

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3. Profit-making plan reference + Free 2D/3D site design

4.Excellent Quality +on time shipment

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