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Big Football 2 Game Machine

2018-12-05 03:24:19 View: 1688


1.The first screen real football game machine
2.Flexible design, convenient transportation package
3.Thousands of times of collision test, HD 55 inch LCD screen
4.National network ranking, WeChat ranking sweep, 

5.3 scenes, each scene has single and double interaction. A person can play, another person can touch screen on the console of war.

How to play?

1.Insert coins to start the game;
2.Football is divided into single mode and double online mode, the scene is divided into two scenes of marine and forest, players can freely choose the scene and mode;
2. In the single mode: a total of 4 off to reach the system set points that customs clearance success, customs clearance scores for each level is different from the difficulty of increasing the game;
3. In the double mode: one attack, the other side of the operation of the small screen on the role of defense, to the half prompted the player to exchange position; in the double mode, the other side of the small screen to operate the basket to pick gold, gold successfully Basket that score, the two sides need to work together to break through, enhance the game's interactive and play-ability, is a set of sports and entertainment in one of the entertainment device.

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