• Battle Hockey
  • Battle Hockey

Battle Hockey

Brand -new concept&playing

Multi pucks, Auto-release

High-level LED and sound-effective

One-piece pressure-casting structures

Big size, suit for 4 players

Rebo hockey
Rebo Hockey is the newest multi pucks air hockey in the market, it suit for 2-4 players to play together.
Brand: Guangzhou Ifun:
Brand: Guangzhou Ifun
Size: Customize
Occasion: Shopping mall or indoor place
Material: Wooden+PVC, Metal
Warranty: 12 Months
  • Battle Hockey

How to Play Battle Hockey?

Insert coins, Pucks come out automatically;

Use handle to hit the ball into the goal to get score;

The puck differs in numbers&colors in different stage, the first who hits the high-score puck can win more points;

The highest scorer wins the game and tickets!;

Return the handles to their seats;

⑥Total 6 different game mode for option, in each game mode, the balls come

out in different rule;

⑦Players can also get paper tickets based on the scores they get, the paper tickets is as reward.